This is the website of the Progress Group of theĀ Ross-on-Wye Town PlanĀ (RoWToP), and has the aim of providing feedback to the people of Ross on the progress being made in the implementation of their Town Plan.

Our Town Plan and was written after asking the people of Ross what they wanted. See “Background” for details on how the Town Plan was written and the raw results whilst the “Progress” menu show the progress we have made so far in achieving the improvements requested and the Meeting menu allows you to read the minutes of all our meetings. Please consider attending our next meeting and perhaps also consider helping us to implement this plan with, and for, the elected Town Council for the benefit of the people who live, work and shop in Ross and for the tourists who visit our world famous town.

This is localism in action, and falls in line with the government's current thinking on the “Big Society”.


Ross Town Plan Booklet
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Ross-on-Wye Neighbourhood Development Plan:

With the advent of UK Central Government Neighbourhood Plans, the on-going work of the Ross-on-Wye Town Plan Progress Group is now being carried forward by The Ross-on-Wye Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Group, development and the draft plan are available to view on the Ross-on-Wye Town Council Website, with news on  .


This website

This website now provides access to archive material from the Town Plan, including the plan itself, and the progress made until Spring 2015.


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